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Game News
Welcome to the home of Firehammer Clan.

The fires were left to reduce down to ashes, but those ashes kept warm and kept burning.  The time has come and the fires are being stoked once again. Firehammer Clan IS BACK!!!  We are a small, casual raid guild that focuses on a tight-knit family atmosphere over anything hardcore.  That's not to mean that we don't strive to progress through raid content (we do) but we do it as a family of misfits and goofballs.

If you are interested in joining our ragtag crew, feel free to look over the guild info on our forums and then fill out an app at the top of the page (more a technicality than anything).

I am the Demon Chipmunk and welcome you to my home.


Other Guild News


Moozzles, Mar 18, 13 10:17 AM.
Firehammer Clan is officially 4 years old now!  It's had it's ups and downs, it's successes and it's dark days.  But in the end, it's still here and strong as a family.  So as a wise man once said, "Let's kick the tires and light the fires!"


Moozzles, Jul 26, 12 9:20 PM.
Okay folks!  The website hath been trimmed, purged, cleaned and reorganized a little.  This includes the roster both on the website and in game.  If you were removed and wish to return, just toss up a fresh app here (if you were kicked) or a message to any officer in game for a reinvite!

For those who left due to the slump and are back fresh for Panda-land, welcome home gang!


Moozzles, Jan 4, 12 3:39 AM.
Just a heads up folks.  I have cleaned out the guild roster.  Any character or alt that was innactive for 3 months or more was booted out.  This is NOT a true removal from guild.  If you contact me in game or through the website here, I will be more than happy to reinstate you.  I was just sick of seeing so many innactive alts, especially those that had almost a year next to the name.


Get your Class here!

Moozzles, Oct 9, 11 1:38 PM.
Took us long enough but a final last push by Dyante, Velrec and Ithius pushed us that last little bit with the class/race combos to finally be called Classy and earn that elusive 8th bank tab.  Great job you three and great job to EVERYONE who helped guild earn that.  

Level 25

Moozzles, Jun 1, 11 2:28 AM.
Soak in it folks, you all earned it.  Guild Level 25!!!!  An AWESOME job to everyone who sacrificed their time and effort to collect achievements, get xp, do guild challenges and slaughter in our name in pvp.  Those who are exalted with guild can now purchase the Scorpid 'Korkron Annihilator' mount.  Everyone else can enjoy the fun of being a rezzer with mass Resurrection.  Now instead of earning guild xp, we will earn more gold in the GB, possibly allowing us to increase guild repair funds yet again.  Only time will tell.
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